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The only choice for drug rehab in Arizona offering the highest levels of care at the most affordable rates.

Freedom Recovery Center is an Arizona State Licensed substance abuse Outpatient Treatment Center and drug rehab program. Freedom Recovery Center is designed to help your loved one overcome the struggles associated with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Treatment at Freedom Recovery Center is based on our belief that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a core disease and we are dedicated in educating and treating your loved ones condition.

Freedom Recovery Center is a leading Arizona alcohol and drug rehab facility; whether you are researching rehab facilities for you or a loved one, you've come to the right place. We are located in Prescott, Arizona, close to Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Welcome to Freedom Recovery Center - Arizona Drug Rehab at its Finest

Our Nationally Recognized Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Program is client specific; meaning that Freedom Recovery Center does not practice cookie-cutter style substance abuse treatment. We understand that every Alcoholic or addict has his or her own set of issues that need to be assessed, addressed, treated, and maintained.

Living in a caring, sober environment is important to those new to recovery. This is why Freedom Recovery Center has established relationships with local sober-living homes and will recommend placement.

Sober Living Programs are living environments that promote honesty, integrity, growth, taking responsibility and gaining self-worth. The most vital benefit of Arizona Sober Living is your loved one will learn how to build a foundation for living that will suit him or her for the remainder of their life.

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Learn more about our Arizona drug and alcohol rehab program and discover why it is so effective for those suffering from Addiction.

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Tour our beautiful Arizona treatment center which is located in Prescott, Arizona.

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Verify your insurance before you enroll to expedite the process so you can start getting the help you need.

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